Day by Day Itinerary


Countries   USA
Tour Length   93 days
Dates Of Tour   Saturday, May 2, 2015
Type of Tour Road (Guided)
Price $4,299
Family Friendly
Age of Participants Mixed
Gender Basis Mixed
# of Participants (max) 14
Language English
Sleeping Accommodations   
Luggage Support
Sag Wagon Along the Way
Total Trip Mileage    4305 Miles
Average Daily Mileage    55 Miles Per Day
Overall Difficulty Rating   Advanced
  • All meals. Your group shares food purchase and preparation responsibilities on a rotating basis.
  • Overnight camping fees, including beginning and ending overnight facilities
  • Leader and leader materials.
  • Maps (where applicable), T-shirt, and a safety triangle.
  • Use of group cooking equipment, tool kit, and first-aid supplies.

Thousands have bicycled the 4,234-mile TransAmerica Bicycle Trail since the wheels started rolling in 1976. For those who haven’t yet experienced it, the TransAm remains the ultimate dream adventure, the bike tour of all bicycle tours.

From historic Williamsburg, you’ll pedal westward through the hills of Virginia, Kentucky, Illinois, and Missouri. After breezing across the plains, the remainder of your journey will be primarily in the mountains or the broad valleys separating mountain ranges. This is a group experience that not only belongs to you and your fellow riders, but is largely created by you. You will take part in all of your group’s decisions and daily tasks. You’ll also be free every day to shoot photos, chat with locals, and try to find the best ice cream cone in America.

Take the advice of Rick Wojciak, who completed the TransAm tour a few years ago: “There will be other trips, but I don’t think they will be able to top this one ... If you have a sense of adventure and are thinking of doing this ride someday, don’t wait!”

Day 1 to 7   WEEK 1
Day 8 to 14   WEEK 2
Day 15 to 21   WEEK 3
Day 22 to 28   WEEK 4
Day 29 to 35   WEEK 5
Day 36 to 42   WEEK 6
Day 43 to 49   WEEK 7
Day 50 to 56   WEEK 8
Day 57 to 63   WEEK 9
Day 64 to 70   WEEK 10
Day 71 to 77   WEEK 11
Day 78 to 84   WEEK 12
Day 85 to 91   WEEK 13
Day 92 to 93   WEEK 14
Countries Visited  
  • USA
    • Colorado
    • Illinois
    • Kansas
    • Kentucky
    • Montana
    • Oregon
    • Virginia
    • Wyoming

Start - End Locations: Williamsburg, VA - Florence, OR
Total Days: 93   Riding Days: 78   Orientation/Rest Days: 15
Surface: Paved
Type: Self-Contained   Meals: Shared cooking
Accommodations: Camping/Indoor
Airport: Richmond, VA (RIC); Eugene, OR (EUG)

Company Name Adventure Cycling Association
Country     USA
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