Day by Day Itinerary

CHINA AND TIBET - Mountain passes fuelled by chillies.

Countries   China
Tour Length   15 days
Dates Of Tour   Saturday, August 27, 2016
Monday, September 12, 2016
Sunday, August 20, 2017
Tuesday, September 5, 2017
(Contact us for other departure dates)
Type of Tour Road
Price $3,100
Family Friendly
Age of Participants Mixed
Gender Basis Mixed
# of Participants (max) 12
Language English, Chinese
Sleeping Accommodations   
Luggage Support
Sag Wagon Along the Way
Meals Provided Full board
Total Trip Mileage    500 Miles
Average Daily Mileage    50 Miles Per Day
Longest Single Day 81 Miles
Single Day Altitude Gain   +5000 ft
Overall Difficulty Rating   Intermediate, Advanced
Cost of Trip without Airfare per person  $3,100
Single Supplement $750
  • The Low-down
  • We start and finish in Chengdu City and cycle tour through Sichuan Province and the Tibetan Plateau in South West China. Your group will be made up of 6-12 bikers from around the world, plus Escape leaders, local guide/interpreter and local crew. Our trusty support vehicle carries all your luggage, can help you up the hills (if you like) and always has lunch, snacks and water at hand. Accommodation is twin-share in local hotels and guesthouses most of which have en-suites however it is occasionally necessary to share bathroom facilities. Meals and snacks are all provided mostly taking advantage of the delicious fare in local restaurants. This excludes two lunches and two evening meals which are at your own expense to give you more opportunity to explore and experience local cuisine of your own choosing.
  • What is the cycling like?
  • We cycle between 20-120km per day; a total distance of 700km spread over 12 days of cycle touring. We cycle on mostly paved roads where at times bikes and small tractors out-number cars. The terrain varies from gentle meandering river valleys to long sustained climbs and lovely long descents. We climb over four high mountain passes, three of which are over 4000m however in all cases the gradient is fairly gentle. Suitable for bikers with a good level of fitness and perfect for a hybrid or touring style bicycle.

A ‘Taste of Tibet’
A 15 day cultural and scenic cycle tour in South West China and the Tibetan Plateau.

Starting in the hustle of Chengdu City, in South West China we bike north west into the agricultural and rice growing regions and then climb slowly through river valleys lined with snow covered peaks to the wide open spaces of the Tibetan Plateau. There are a couple of known touristy towns (known at least to Chinese people) early on in the trip, but from then on the towns are local, rural and in some places very remote.

We visit a panda breeding sanctuary and Buddhist monasteries, meet with Tibetan nomadic yak herders, and take the challenge of crossing three 4000m mountain passes. Stunning scenery, colourful culture, intriguing history and delicious food combine to create one of the most diverse, interesting and memorable cycle touring destinations on the planet.

Day 1   Sichuan Opera
Day 2   Panda Sanctuary
Day 3   Cruising through rice paddies
Day 4   Happy kids on our ride.
Day 5   Our hosts
Day 6   Top of the pass!
Day 7   Helping with the harvest in Sichuan
Day 8   Tibetan defensive towers
Day 9   Yak herders camp.
Day 10   Wide open spaces in China
Day 11   Rural temple in Sichuan
Day 12   Long but gentle climbs.
Day 13   Like my new bike!!
Day 14   Always pleased to see you.
Day 15   The last supper
Countries Visited  
  • China
    • Sichuan
    • Tibet
Cities Visited   Chengdu

13 days biking - 80% is on paved roads and 20% on unpaved and dirt roads. While all of the riding on this trip is non-technical some off road biking experience will help.
This trip is suited to bikers with a good level of fitness.
From 10km to 120km per day. Total distance up to 800km.
Maximum altitude 4298m above sea-level.


ITINERARY – Chengdu to Chengdu
DAY 1: Arrive in Chengdu, pre departure meeting and first dinner together. Hotel
DAY 2: Tour of Chengdu City by bike and visit to a Giant Panda Breeding Research Centre. 40km. Hotel
DAY 3: Vehicle transfer out of the city and cycle through quaint rural farms and paddy fields. 63km. Guesthouse
DAY 4: Cycle touring through farmland and steamy bamboo forest. 75km. Hotel
DAY 5: We begin our climb, ganing our first glimpses of Tibetan lifestyle. 20km. Forest Reserve Cabins
DAY 6: We cycle over our first high pass at 4200m and into the Himalayan foothills. 70km. Hotel
DAY 7: We stretch out down a river valley through rural villages and orchards. 120km. Hotel
DAY 8: A well earned rest day. Optional hike through small hillside villages and explore ancient defensive towers. Tibetan Guesthouse
DAY 9: We bike up a remote, windy river valley towards the Tibetan grasslands. 49km. Guesthouse
DAY 10: Pass number two at 3900m, and cycle down into the wide open Tibetan Grasslands. 55km. Hotel
DAY 11: We cycle across the wide open rolling grasslands of the Tibetan Plateau. 30km. Guesthouse
DAY 12: Accompanied by nomads and grazing yaks we take on our highest pass at 4298m. 110km. Hotel
DAY 13: Heading back into rural into rural Chinese farmland and rice paddies to a historical village. 25km. Guesthouse
DAY 14: Rolling back towards the city and down into the Sichuan Basin. 45kms. Hotel
DAY 15: Enjoy a final breakfast together. Onward travel.

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