Day by Day Itinerary

Denali Adventure

Countries   USA
Tour Length   14 days
Dates Of Tour   Saturday, July 12, 2014
Type of Tour Road (Guided)
Price $1,599
Family Friendly
Age of Participants Mixed
Gender Basis Mixed
# of Participants (max) 14
Language English
Sleeping Accommodations   
Luggage Support
Sag Wagon Along the Way
Total Trip Mileage    430 Miles
Average Daily Mileage    39 Miles Per Day
Overall Difficulty Rating   Intermediate, Advanced
  • one or two leaders
  • group food
  • camping fees
  • maps
  • a T-shirt
  • a safety triangle
  • preparation materials
  • use of group cooking gear, tool kit
  • first aid kit

As far as dream destinations go, Alaska -- with its astonishing scenery and plentiful wildlife -- should be near the top of any cyclist's list. Not surprisingly, the Denali Adventure is one of our fastest-filling tours and a superb way to sample a slice of Alaska's best.

Those considering this 14-day tour should know, however, that it can deliver plenty of challenges, including rough roads, primitive campsites, isolation, rapidly changing weather, and repeated run-ins with the Alaskan state bird, Mosquitos giganticus. But by accepting these challenges you'll reap more than your fair share of enduring memories.

After acquainting ourselves with Anchorage, we'll set out on the Glenn and Richardson highways, moving from lush farmlands to glacial mountainscapes. Turning west, we'll pick up the gravel Denali Highway for 140 miles to Cantwell then join the George Parks Highway. It will take us to six-million-acre Denali National Park, home to Mt. McKinley and its snowy, 20,320-foot summit.

Because of the rough riding surfaces involved, mountain bikes or wide-tired touring bikes are recommended for this, the ultimate two-week Alaskan adventure.

Day 1   Anchorage
Day 2   Anchorage to Palmer, 51 miles
Day 3   Palmer to King Mountain Recreation Area, 31 miles
Day 4   King Mountain Recreation Area to Grand View Park & Café, 35 miles
Day 5   Grand View Café to Mendeltna Creek Lodge, 45 miles
Day 6   Mendeltna Creek Lodge to Glennallen, 49 miles
Day 7   Layover Day, Glennallen, 0 miles
Day 8   Glennallen to Sourdough Roadhouse, 24 miles
Day 9   Sourdough Roadhouse to Tangle Lakes, 59 miles
Day 10   Tangle Lakes to MacLaren River Lodge, 21 miles
Day 11   McLaren River to Gracious House, 39 miles
Day 12   Gracious House to Cantwell, 52 miles
Day 13   Cantwell to Denali National Park, 31 miles
Day 14   Layover Day, Denali National Park, 0 miles
Countries Visited  
  • USA
    • Alaska

Start - End Locations: Anchorage, AK - Denali, AK
Total Days: 14   Riding Days: 11   Orientation/Rest Days:
Level of Support: Self-contained
Meals: Shared cooking
Accommodations: Camping
Airport: Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, AK

Company Name Adventure Cycling Association
Country     USA
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