Day by Day Itinerary

LAOS -‘Leum Phu Khao’ Forgotten Mountains

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Countries   Laos
Tour Length   13 days
Dates Of Tour   Sunday, November 1, 2015
Sunday, October 30, 2016
(contact us for other departure dates)
Type of Tour Road
Price $2,300 (price is approximate and depends on current exchange rates)
Family Friendly
Age of Participants Mixed
Gender Basis Mixed
# of Participants (max) 12
Language English
Sleeping Accommodations   
Luggage Support
Sag Wagon Along the Way
Meals Provided Full board
Total Trip Mileage    400 Miles
Average Daily Mileage    40 Miles Per Day
Longest Single Day 81 Miles
Overall Difficulty Rating   Intermediate, Advanced
Cost of Trip without Airfare per person  $2,300
Single Supplement $250
  • 2x Escape leaders
  • local interpreter and local crew.
  • support vehicle
  • Accommodation
  • Meals and snacks
  • Local entry fees
  • Elephant ride
  • What is the cycling like?
  • We cycle between 30-120km per day; a total distance of 640km spread over 10 days of cycle touring. Good quality paved roads make for some lovely smooth cycling so ideal for a hybrid or touring bike. The terrain however can only be described as hilly! There are three types of riding on this trip – up hill, down hill and flat with the later being fairly rare. This trip is suited to cyclists with a good level of fitness, a good pair of hill climbing legs and an appreciation for unbelievably long downhills!
  • The Low-down
  • We start and finish in the World Heritage Town of Luang Prabang and cycle tour through the very rural Northern Laos. Your group will be made up of 5-12 cyclists from around the world, plus Escape leaders, local guide/interpreter and local crew. Our trusty support vehicle carries all your luggage, can help you up the hills (if you like) and always has lunch, snacks and water at hand. Accommodation is twin-share and ranges from very basic local guesthouses (in the more remote part of the trip) to hotel style accommodation in the bigger towns. Most have en-suites however it is occasionally necessary to share bathroom facilities. Meals and snacks are provided, mostly taking advantage of the delicious fare in local restaurants. This excludes two lunches and five evening meals which are at your own expense to give you more opportunity to explore and experience local cuisine of your own choosing.

Often overshadowed by its bigger neighbours Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia – Laos quietly goes about its business. With a population of only 6 million of the most chilled out people we have ever come across, the heavily forested and mountainous Laos quite possibly has South East Asia’s most pristine environment. Immerse yourself in the culture and enchanting history of this tropical, hospitable, seldom travelled region.

We begin our challenging cycle tour in the world heritage town of Luang Prabang and explore very rural northern Laos looping through both remote hill tribal areas and lowland regions. We visit the mysterious Plain of Jars at Phonsavanh which was also a central point during the Laotian Civil War, try elephant riding and take a boat trip on the Nam Ou river on our return to Luang Prabang.

Quiet roads, friendly people, tasty food and a few hills combine to make this a wonderfully challenging cycling adventure.

Quiet roads, friendly people, tasty food and spectacular scenery combine to make this an awesome biking adventure.

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Additional Activities During Trip
Hiking, elephant riding, school visit
Countries Visited  
  • Laos
Cities Visited   Luang Prabang
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We are a small New Zealand based company and we are passionate about riding our bikes. We lead adventurous cycle tours in adventurous locations around the world and adventurous mountain biking tours here at home in New Zealand. We are driven by the reward that comes with creating and leading tours that will touch your soul and stay in your memory forever.

Our Philosophy

Whether you join us on an international cycle tour in one of our favourite corners of the world or a remote mountain biking trip in New Zealand’s back country the underlying philosophies that guide us how our trip is created are the same…

A Bunch of Mates on Tour. We strive to create a relaxed, fun and intimate group dynamic that feels like a group of friends on holiday. Our trips are led by our own wonderful Escape leaders who each bring their own unique characteristics but share our philosophies and understand your needs. You will get a strong feeling of organization, trust and professionalism. Our personalized groups are small enough to integrate into local communities without taking over and mean that we can offer the best of ourselves and pay attention to the little things that make a difference.

Unforgettable Journeys, Remarkable Places. What we do, where we go and how we get there are fundamental. We love the challenge of finding the most interesting cycling routes and destinations. We know the places we go intimately, have found the quirks and have nurtured relationships along the way so that you can truly immerse yourself in the remarkable places we visit.

Real Adventures, Real People in Real Places. Real adventure contains an element of the unknown. Because we travel to less travelled places, visit and stay with local families and include trips into wilderness environments the unexpected will happen! It is our aim to provide you with as many unique opportunities as possible and let you have your own unique personal encounter.

The Natural Environment. We are personally committed to minimizing our impact on the environment. We believe in taking time to think about how our actions can benefit or how they impact the people, communities, economies, environments and eco-systems we visit, and then use this to make a difference (or sometimes more appropriately – how we can NOT make a difference).

Company Name Escape Adventures (based in New Zealand)
Country     New Zealand
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