Day by Day Itinerary

Iceland: The Fertile South

Countries   Iceland
Tour Length   8 days
Dates Of Tour   Saturday, June 28, 2014
Saturday, July 26, 2014
(Self-guided adventures can be requested any time.)
Type of Tour Road (Guided, Self-Guided)
Price $3,755 (Self-Guided - US $3465)
Family Friendly
Age of Participants Mixed
Gender Basis Mixed
# of Participants (max) 12
Language English
Sleeping Accommodations   
Luggage Support
Sag Wagon Along the Way
Meals Provided Full board
Total Trip Mileage    224 Miles
Average Daily Mileage    37 Miles Per Day
Longest Single Day 61 Miles
Overall Difficulty Rating   Intermediate
Cost of Trip without Airfare per person  $3,755
Single Supplement $845
  • 8 days
  • 7 nights
  • 7 breakfasts
  • 5 lunches
  • 7 dinners
  • snacks
  • entry to Icelandic Folk and Technology Museaum, Skogar
  • ferry to Westman Islands
  • van and guide support,
  • maps and route notes
  • taxes
  • black sand beaches
  • lobster feast
  • steaming earth
  • beautiful lakes
  • standing in the Trans Atlantic Rift
  • Geysers
  • waterfalls
  • volcanoes
  • Icelandic ponies
  • glaciers
  • puffins

Iceland is awe-inspiring. The landscape, so newly formed, refreshingly pristine, and geologically active, defies portrayal with words and pictures, although it will inspire you to try! Steam rises from hot pools on volcanic mountainsides, and glacier-fed waterfalls tumble down to the lush lands below. We have combined the best scenery with the least used roads, and the most comfortable hotels. We provide abundant vehicle support, while you ride the wide open spaces, breathing clear air warmed by the Gulf Stream, and bathing in water heated by the earth. When the road beckons in front of you, and the sun illuminates the rivers, pastures, and icecaps all around, you will be moved by the sheer magnificence of your surroundings. You may ponder, as you gaze into the Mid-Atlantic Rift, or soak in your hotpot beneath the midnight sun, the humbling power of the dynamic earth.

The cycling begins in Hveragerði, not far from Reykjavik. You will ride around the lake of Þingvallvatn to the ancient parliament at Þingvellir, then to Geysir and the impressive waterfall at Gullfoss. Skirting the mountains on fairly level roads at their base, you will cross the fertile Biskupstungur (“Fields between Rivers”) to the lava fields below Mount Hekla, and riding under the Mýrdalsjökull Glacier between Hvollsvollur and Vik before exploring the magical nature reserve at Þórsmörk – “Thor’s Playground”, or flying to Westmann Islands for a final afternoon of exploration on foot. You will rest in a charming combination of small inns, Scandinavian-style guesthouses, and comfortable hotels. You will be able to ride to your heart’s content, but will occasionally need to switch from your bike to a vehicle capable of carrying you across rivers. Bring your sense of wonder and adventure!

Day 1   Early afternoon pickup in Reykjavik for transfer to your guesthouse in Hveragerdi.
Day 2   70 km/45mi.
Day 3   53 or 69km/32 or 43mi.
Day 4   44 or 98km/28 or 60mi.
Day 5   44 or 95km/28 or 58mi.
Day 6   69km/44mi.
Day 7   80 km/50mi.
Day 8   Explore the Westman Islands
Additional Activities During Trip
Hiking, ferry ride, horse riding options
Countries Visited  
  • Iceland
Discounts for Referals

If you have been on tour with us in the last 3 years, you will receive a 5% discount as a returning guest. In addition, if you have referred new customers to us since your last Freewheeling Adventure, you are entitled to a reduced cost. Each new guest who mentioned you as a referrer will save you $125 off your next trip.


• Cost: C$3695 US$3465 (per person, includes 8 days, 7 nights, 7 breakfasts, luggage handling, maps & route notes, taxes)
• Self-guided adventures can be requested any time.


Hybrid: $225


35-100 km/day (22-62mi.) on mainly paved roads with occasional gravel surface. Some rolling hills and lots of level riding. The riding ease is often wind-dependent, but we endeavour to ride downwind in most cases. Come prepared to enjoy anything!

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