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Three-Lake Cycling: Geneva, Bourget, Annecy

This unique Alpine tour will take you along the three major lakes of the area (Lake Geneva, Lake Bourget, and Lake Annecy).

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Cyclomundo is a one-of-a-kind travel company offering a diverse array of cycling vacations: guided and self-guided, pre-arranged or customized, leisurely or challenging… even some based around cyclosportive events like the Etape du Tour. Our tours are perfect for independent riders, families, friends, and groups of varying levels – you can choose elements “a la carte” for your trip in all regions of France as well as some regions in Spain, Italy, and Switzerland. Based in France, Cyclomundo was born out of our founder’s life-long love of cycling. Our philosophy is to use local experts who passionately share their heritage with guests and to adhere to the concept of sustainable development. Cyclomundo’s goal is for clients to experience the cultural, regional, historical and gastronomical heritage of their chosen destination and, of course, to have great, healthy fun on their bicycling adventure!


Why Cyclomundo is Better?

Because we are THE LOCALS…
Cyclomundo is based in France. This is where we live and work. Our office is located in the French Alps, just a stones throw from the Swiss border, and we ride the very same roads we recommend to you for your cycling vacations. Take a moment to consider what you would prefer: Dealing with someone who lives in another country who may visit France a couple of times per year… OR… dealing with someone who knows the regions and the country inside and out and has chosen to make France home? The choice is simple! 
Because we are truly flexible!
We offer a wide range of services that can be tailor-made to meet your desires and needs. Instead of offering inflexible tours in countries we barely know, we concentrate on what we know very well: France, Spain, Italy and Switzerland. Our vacation services range from independent self-guided trips to expertly guided tours and self-designed custom holidays. We can arrange for luggage transfers, bicycle rentals, special restaurants, and diverse interests. Whether traveling individually, as a family, a group, or a cycling club; whether the expense account is lavish or the budget limited; and whether the objective is to tackle the highest mountains like a mountain goat or meander along mellow country lanes at a snail’s pace, we have something for everyone and will work with you to find exactly that.
Because our clients say so...
Our clients praise the quality of our services, as you can read at our Testimonials Page. We strive to provide the best possible service to make the most of your holiday. Most of our clients are repeat customers who come back again and again and refer us to their friends. To extend our gratitude and thanks to our loyal clients for their contribution in helping us grow, we provide discounts to thank them for their comments and feedback... These are invaluable to us and have greatly helped us improve our tours. 

Because of our people...
As firm believers of sustainable development, we have established a friendly network of professionals, comprised mainly of local tour guides, small operators, and family-run agencies. Most of our people have created their own jobs/enterprises in order to live their passion for the region and cultural heritage. All have extensive travel experience and have lived in various places before falling in love with the area they now call home. Traveling with us guarantees that you will be taken care of by caring professionals who chose to build their lives here.
Because we provide you with an authentic experience...
Forget the non-descript and indistinguishable big chain hotels; we use genuine places with local charm. Most of the properties we choose are family-run, ranging from actual farmhouses, to converted B&B homes and chateaux, to wine making estates. Some are so intimate that they have as few as two rooms, while others are small hotels. All properties are run by people who have a passion for their region and its cultural, gastronomic, and historical heritage. We go out of our way to find these places for you because these are the types of experiences we would want. 
Because we love cycling and France! And Switzerland! And Spain! And Italy!
Cyclomundo is truly a labor of love and it shows! The founder of Cyclomundo has had a lifelong passion for cycling, in addition to his 20-year experience in travel and tourism. This combo is reflected in his attention to detail, commitment and choices of route/region. Employees at Cyclomundo commute by bike daily and find enjoyment in regularly exploring our surrounding area by bike. We at Cyclomundo want to share this vision with you, as well as our passion for the heritage, culture, and gastronomy that this marvelous country has to offer. 
Because there are people behind Cyclomundo!
We are a small company and we intend to remain that way. Our staff is passionate and knows what they’re talking about. As you will see from our site, very little is automated. When you send us a request, you won’t get an automated e-mail with attachments and a booking form! We’ll take the time to answer your questions and address all your issues. As you will see if you book with us, we don’t even ask you for your payment information at the time of booking… only when the tour is 100% set up so you’re 100% satisfied! 
Because we are established with large-scale cycling events
Cyclomundo was hand picked to become an Official Tour Operator for events such as the Etape du Tour, the Marmotte, and the Alpes Open Tour. It is often agreed that the Etape du Tour and the Marmotte are two of France’s most prestigious cyclosportives (mass cycling events). Whether you choose a leisurely or challenging tour, our accredited quality of service will be extended to you.
Because we've been selected and featured in numerous publications...
Few bicycle touring companies can boast similar acclaim and coverage from prominent publications as: The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Outside Magazine, CyclingPlus, BikeRadar, Cycling Active, and VeloNews. Details can be viewed at our Press Coverage Page.

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