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MicroShift Marvo XE Alloy 27 Speed MTB Shifters

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microSHIFT Centos 9 Speed Integrated Bicycle Brake Levers / Shifters - Shimano Compatible

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microSHIFT ARSIS 10 Speed TT Bar End Shifters

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microSHIFT ARSIS 10 Speed Integrated Bicycle Brake Levers / Shifters - Shimano Compatible

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Campagnolo Super Record / Record EPS Power Unit
The Campagnolo Super Record/Record EPS Power Unit serves as the systems source of power as well as the "brain" of the system.

Only compatible with Super Record and Record EPS systems

The EPS Power Unit is responsible for:
+ monitoring and managing the battery pack
+ enabling and monitoring the front and rear derailleurs
+ signaling any anomalies though the LED indicator on the EPS Interface Unit
+ communicating with the EPS Interface Unit, and enabling the acoustic buzzer.



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Campagnolo Athena EPS Ergopower Shifter Set
With the Athena EPS Ergopower Shifter SetMulti-shifting you can shift up or down by up to 11 sprockets at a time.
The Campagnolo EPS system is the culmination of years of engineering and design work.

But Ergopower™ Athena EPS™ offers even more than this: with superb ergonomics, simplicity, comfort and safety in all riding positions.

A single click of the controls and you are headed for a whole new experience.

+ Distinctive electronic elegance
+ EPS, Electronic Power Shift, electronic shifter set...


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Versa 8 Speed Road Shifters for Internal Hubs
Designed to Work with Afline and Nexus Internal hubs

+ Similar ergo shape to current Shimano offerings
+ Compatible with Afline and Nexus 8 speed Internal hubs
+ Left lever is just for braking
+ Compatible with Side Pull Caliper brakes

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Sunrace 8 Speed STR-80 Shifter/ Brake Lever
STI style brake / shift lever for 8 speed bikes.

The tough to find Push Button STI style Shifter option for 8 speed cassette or free wheel is now available.
These shifters work in a unique way - the large lever behind the brake lever, when pushed in, pulls the cable and moves the chain to a bigger cog or chainwheel.

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Microshift 9 Speed Shifter / Brake Lever - Shimano / SRAM 9 speed compatible

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IRD Thumb Shifters XC-Pro
Modern thumb shifters - lighter, clean shifts and reliable.

+ 9 speed indexed rear shifter
+ Front shifter is friction
+ Aluminum lever
+ Hinged CNC'd aluminum clamp for easy installation
+ Mounts to 24.0mm or 22.0mm OD bars (MTB or Road)

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IRD Power Ratchet Thumb Shifters
Retro friction thumb shifters for 5 up to 10 speeds.

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LDC BMX Brake Levers

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