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Sugino OX601D Compact Crankset

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Campagnolo Super Record 11 Speed Titanium Crankset
The Campagnolo Super Record 11 Speed Titanium Carbon Crankset is the pinnacle of technology and performance.

The Campagnolo Super Record 11 Speed Titanium Carbon Crankset has extremely high overall stiffness, extraordinary lightness and fast and precise shifting.

+ Titanium axle and fixing bolt reduces the overall weight of the crank set by 40 grams
+ Hollow cranks and spider utilizing Ultra-Hollow technology reduce the weigh in de-stressed regions while improving strength to weigh characteristics


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Campagnolo Chorus 11 Speed Carbon Crankset
The Campagnolo Chorus 11 Speed Carbon Crankset is the most effective and efficient shifting system ever.
The Campagnolo Chorus 11 Speed Carbon Crankset is the absolute best shifting at speed and precision even under load.

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Vuelta Corsa Pro Road Crankset
Vuelta road cranksets are designed to supply quality and performance.
Vuelta road cranksets are at great value for repairing or upgrading your favorite bike.
Vuelta road cranksets are great value for putting a new bike together.

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Sugino OX801D Compact Plus MTB Crankset

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Sugino XD500T Special Edition Triple Crankset
Marked with the revised old-style crown logo

+ Compatible with both 8 and 9 speed systems
+ Marked with the old-style Sugino crown logo per our request
+ The 110/74BCD, 48-36-24t gearing is great for street and touring use
+ Alloy big and middle rings
+ Cold-forged aluminum arms
+ JIS square taper
+ Recommended BB 110-113
+ 720g +/-

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Sugino XCD500T Triple Crankset with BB
Includes 119mm bottom bracket

A new more refined version of the classic XD crank with lower 157.5mm Q-factor.

+ New cold forging of the arm with nicer aluminum
+ CNC'd ramped and pinned chainrings (outer and middle are alloy; middle is a triple-lizer ring; granny is bolted to triple-lizer)
+ Compatible with Shimano/SRAM/Campy 10 and Shimano 9 speed.
+ Includes Sugino 119x68mm bottom bracket
+ 110BCD
+ 48-36-24T
+ JIS square taper

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Sugino Triple Crank Arm Set
Made in Japan

+ Cold forged super duralumin
+ Super nice finish similar to SG75 cranks
+ No logos, though you'll find a surprise mark in the back
+ 177.5mm
+ 110BCD crank arms in special linger length
+ JIS square taper

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Sugino RD Messenger Crankset - Mirror Finish

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Sugino OX801D Compact Plus Road Crankset

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Sugino Cool Messenger Crankset with BB

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Sugino Alpina 2 Triple Crankset

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Sugino Alpina 2 Double Crankset

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IRD Defiant Touring Triple Crankset
Designed to be reminiscent of the Campy Strada and Sugino Mighty cranks of the 1970's.

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IRD Defiant Double Crankset
The IRD Defiant Double Crankset was iInspired by the Zeus and Sugino Mighty fluted cranks of the 70's.
The IRD Defiant is a stronger more reliable design since it is cold-forged before adding the fluting touches.

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