Tri-Rider Tri Rider 24" Semi Recumbent 6 Speed Comfort Adult Trike (98223)

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Price $510.00 (M/C,Visa,Discover,MoneyOrder,CertifiedCheck,Paypal)
Brand   Belize Bicycles

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Finally, available outside of Canada.
Do not be confused with less expensive imitations - these are the real Tri Riders.

This Comfort Trike was designed for riders who are 5' or taller
It is 6" longer than the standard Tri Rider 24" Trike.

The Comfort trike's pedals are more forward than the regular Tri-Rider which allows the seat height to be lower.
The seat position allows for a lower center of gravity making it not only more comfortable but safer as well.
The handlebars on the comfort trike are also positioned with comfort in mind and have a 14 rise.

V-brake in front and band brake in rear.
Seat is adjustable.

Very low, extra large seat with big backrest
Special Comfort handlebars
24" front wheel and 20" rear wheels
Rear basket
3 fenders
Reflector kit
Dual mirrors
Shimano 6 speed twist Shifting
Gearing (derailleur)
- front sprocket 36T
- rear 14T to 28T.
Weight capacity (includes the rider's weight & the contents in your basket): 300 lbs.

Requires Assembly

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