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Western Spirit Cycling: Bring the kids!

by Western Spirit Cycling

December 01, 2007

Western Spirit Cycling has created a series of mountain bike trips specifically for families. These trips make it possible for you to take your family into the backcountry for a fun, safe relaxing mountain bike vacation. As usual our trucks carry all the camping gear and our guides do all the cooking.

What to Expect 

On our family tours we bring additional guides especially equipped with games, toys, arts and crafts designed to both entertain and educate your children about the natural and cultural history of the areas we visit. We work to group families with children of similar ages. Children can ride their own bikes, ride a trail-a-long bike behind mom or dad, or ride in a Burley trailer. The result is outdoor fun for the kids and refreshing relaxation for you.

How do we do it? 

Mornings: A typical day on one of our family tours begins with a big Western Spirit breakfast. After which we prepare for the morning's ride. This is usually a short 4-8 mile section on a flat easy trail with our support van in close proximity. Everyone is encouraged to participate in this part of the day. The guides coach the kids with pointers and various distractions including singing and story telling. Before we know it the entire entourage has arrived at the lunch spot, where we enjoy a picnic Western Spirit style.

Afternoons: After lunch, the kids pile into the support vehicle and head to camp. Upon arrival the guides have a large bag of entertaining tricks. A special play tent is set up to house drawing and games. Scavenger hunts and fossil expeditions are launched. Meanwhile the parents can choose between heading to camp with the kids, or doing a ride on either a double track or singletrack trail. This way, everyone is able to do as much riding as they like.

Evenings: Between 3:00 and 4:00 everyone returns to camp for naps, reading and solar showers. Hors d'oeuvres are served while the guides prepare dinner. Special requests are happily catered to and dessert is served around the campfire. What do you need to bring? Gear: To join one of our trips, you can either bring your own, or rent from us a bike (or bike equivalent) with helmet for everyone in your party plus tents, sleeping bags, and sleeping pads. All other camping equipment is provided by Western Spirit. Clothing: When you sign up for a tour, we send you a "what to bring list." You will need several warm layers and rain gear for everyone. Even on our desert trips, the weather is variable. And though we choose our destinations with the seasonal climate in mind, try as we might we cannot control the weather. If everyone has proper gear, a storm can add fun and excitement to the adventure. Give us a call for more information. We can help you decide which trip will fit the needs of your family.

Guide Support 

We've specifically hired guides who have an afinity for kids, some are teachers through the year and some have been involved in other forms of kid's outdoor programs. Our family trips are supported with three guides, where two of the guides are making the trip happen - cooking, setting up camp etc. and the third guide's role is to entertain your kids. Funny it seems to work the other way in a lot of cases - your kids entertain us! Either way, you are free to read a book at camp, do more riding at your own pace or join in the bike-limbo also.


Camping and kids go together like peanut butter and jelly. The great thing about a family trip is that your kids have a peer group and you have a peer group too. Everyone has someone to play with! Since our trucks carry all the gear, the camping is pretty comfortable. Our guides do all the cooking, so you are free to explore the area, take a nap, or have a cocktail. Plentiful fresh food, solar showers, and our Maine loungers make the starlit nights both comfortable and unforgettable.

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